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iProSPER Ready to Launch - 16/04/2014 / Leido 176 veces/ Comentarios 0

Under the framework of the Intelligent Manufacturing Systems (IMS) program, REEMAIN’s has formed a “Manufacturing Technology Platform (MTP) project extension” that links REEMAIN to other research efforts and organizations in Europe and the USA Fuente :

Genome Regulation and Nuclear Dynamics in Health and Disease - 16/04/2014 / Leido 166 veces/ Comentarios 0

24/04/2014 — 25/04/2014, Aktuelle Forschungserkenntnisse zu den im Zellkern und bei der Zellteilung ablaufenden Prozessen in mehrzelligen Lebewesen stehen im Mittelpunkt eines Kongresses, der am 24. und 25. April 2014 in Heidelberg stattfindet. Zu diesem „DKFZ-ZMBH-Allianz-Forum“ laden das Deutsche Krebsforschungszentrum...

Genome Regulation and Nuclear Dynamics in Health and Disease - 16/04/2014 / Leido 177 veces/ Comentarios 0

24/04/2014 — 25/04/2014, Current research findings on the processes that occur in the cell nucleus and during cell division in multicellular organisms are in the focus of a conference to be held on 24 and 25 April 2014 in Heidelberg. The hosts of the DKFZ-ZMBH Alliance Forum are the German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ)...

“Date at Your Own Risk”: Coworkers Perceptions of Workplace Romances - 16/04/2014 / Leido 166 veces/ Comentarios 0

Workplace romances are very common in contemporary organizations. In 2004, The Wall Street Journal reported that 47% of employees were currently involved in a workplace romance, and 19% would engage in one if the opportunity arose. However, little attention has been placed on other colleague reactions to workplace romances, and...

Theoretical biophysics: Adventurous bacteria - 16/04/2014 / Leido 141 veces/ Comentarios 0

To reproduce or to conquer the world? Surprisingly, bacteria also face this problem. Theoretical biophysicists at Ludwig-Maximilians-Universitaet (LMU) in Munich have now shown how these organisms should decide how best to preserve their species. Fuente :

“La agricultura necesita una nueva revolución” - 16/04/2014 / Leido 203 veces/ Comentarios 0

Se aproxima el plazo de 2015 para cumplir los Objetivos de Desarrollo del Milenio (ODM), pero la pobreza todavía afecta a una de cada siete personas, y una de cada ocho aún se va a la cama con hambre. Hay que mirar, entonces, más allá de 2015. El 3 de este mes, el Fondo Internacional […] El...

Trials of the Cherokee were reflected in their skulls - 16/04/2014 / Leido 169 veces/ Comentarios 0

Researchers have found that environmental stressors -- from the Trail of Tears to the Civil War -- led to significant changes in the shape of skulls in the eastern and western bands of the Cherokee people. The findings highlight the role of environmental factors in shaping our physical...

Making new materials an atomic layer at a time - 16/04/2014 / Leido 166 veces/ Comentarios 0

Researchers have shown the ability to grow high quality, single-layer materials one on top of the other using chemical vapor deposition. This highly scalable technique, often used in the semiconductor industry, can produce new materials with unique properties that could be applied to solar cells,...

Un modelo matemático predice qué recuerdos retendrá la memoria - 16/04/2014 / Leido 243 veces/ Comentarios 0

Investigadores de EE UU han diseñado una herramienta computacional que pronostica si el cerebro retendrá o no experiencias sucedidas pocas horas antes. Además, sirve para entender cómo se escogen y procesan estas informaciones durante el sueño. Fuente :...

Irrigated agriculture: precious habitat for the long-billed curlew - 16/04/2014 / Leido 152 veces/ Comentarios 0

Despite the recent rainfall, California is still in a drought, so not only are water supplies limited, but demand for water is increasing from a variety of uses. In a recent study, scientists document the importance of irrigated agricultural crops in California's Central Valley to a conspicuous...
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