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Supplemental co-enzyme Q may prevent heart disease in some individuals - 01/12/2014 / Leido 559 veces/ Comentarios 0

New research involving rats suggests that if you were born at a low birth weight, supplemental co-enzyme Q may lower your risk for heart disease. Fuente :

How lungs protect themselves from infection - 01/12/2014 / Leido 353 veces/ Comentarios 0

Scientists have taken an important step toward a new class of antibiotics aimed at stopping lung infections. They found that a protein found in large airways, called 'SPLUNC1,' binds to lipids critical to defending against bacterial and viral infections, as well as keeping lung tissue flexible and...

Plant used in traditonal Chinese medicine may treat metabolic diseases and obesity - 01/12/2014 / Leido 379 veces/ Comentarios 0

New research shows that a component found in in the plant, Glycyrrhiza uralensis, may inhibit the development of metabolic disorders by stopping the activation of NLRP3, a protein involved in the disease process. Specifically, the researchers identified isoliquiritigenin as having the ability to...

Revolutionizing genome engineering - 01/12/2014 / Leido 290 veces/ Comentarios 0

Genome engineering with the RNA-guided CRISPR-Cas9 system in animals and plants is changing biology. It is easier to use and more efficient than other genetic engineering tools, thus it is already being applied in laboratories all over the world just a few years after its discovery. This rapid...

Duality in the human genome - 01/12/2014 / Leido 261 veces/ Comentarios 0

Human genomes are extraordinarily individual -- a challenge for personalized medicine. Results of a new study show that most genes can occur in many different forms within a population: On average, about 250 different forms of each gene exist. The researchers found around four million different...

Research confirms how global warming links to carbon emissions - 01/12/2014 / Leido 251 veces/ Comentarios 0

A team of researchers from the universities of Southampton, Bristol and Liverpool have derived the first theoretical equation to demonstrate that global warming is a direct result of the build-up of carbon emissions since the late 1800s when man-made carbon emissions began. The results are in...

Lapses in infection control associated with spread of severe respiratory virus MERS, according to study - 01/12/2014 / Leido 212 veces/ Comentarios 0

Little is known about the often fatal virus known as Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus (MERS-CoV), but researchers have identified gaps in infection control as a major culprit in all eleven published cases involving healthcare-associated transmission of the virus. The full findings of...

Food for thought: Where does the human passion for meat eating come from? - 01/12/2014 / Leido 210 veces/ Comentarios 0

"" Ever wondered why meat is important to us? Why we eat some animals but not others? Why vegetarianism is increasing? Why we aren't cannibals? This broad-ranging and inquisitive book addresses all these questions and more. Fuente :

Refugiados sirios protestan contra trampa burocrática en Grecia - 01/12/2014 / Leido 291 veces/ Comentarios 0

Una protesta de refugiados sirios que están instalados desde el 19 de noviembre en una plaza en el corazón de esta capital revela el estancamiento de la política hacia los inmigrantes, tanto en Grecia como en el resto de Europa. Cerca de trescientos hombres, mujeres y niños se instalaron en la...

Un nuevo método permite la fabricación directa de dispositivos de grafeno - 01/12/2014 / Leido 14 veces/ Comentarios 0

Investigadores del CSIC y otros centros internacionales han desarrollado una técnica que evita la manipulación directa del grafeno, que es costosa y afecta a sus propiedades. El resultado supone una mejora la calidad de los dispositivos creados con este material.Un equipo internacional con...
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