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No such thing as porn 'addiction,' researchers say - 12/02/2014 / Leido 8 veces/ Comentarios 0

Journalists and psychologists are quick to describe someone as being a porn "addict," yet there's no strong scientific research that shows such addictions actually exists.So says David Ley, Ph.D., a clinical psychologist in practice in Albuquerque, N.M., and Executive Director of New Mexico...

Researchers create first global map of Ganymede - 12/02/2014 / Leido 3 veces/ Comentarios 0

Using images from NASA's Voyager Mission (1979) and the orbital Galileo Mission (1995), researchers have created the first global geological map of Jupiter's largest moon, Ganymede. Fuente :

Penn geophysicist teams with mathematicians to describe how river rocks round - 12/02/2014 / Leido 0 veces/ Comentarios 0

A new study by the University of Pennsylvania's Douglas Jerolmack, working with mathematicians at Budapest University of Technology and Economics, have found that rocks follow a distinct pattern as they become rounder, and then smaller, as they travel down riverbeds. Fuente :...

Happy couples can get a big resolution to a big fight -- mean talk aside - 12/02/2014 / Leido 0 veces/ Comentarios 0

Being critical, angry and defensive isn't always a bad thing for couples having a big disagreement -- provided they are in a satisfying relationship. In that case, they likely will have a "big resolution" regardless of how negative they were during the discussion, according to a study by a Baylor...

Dartmouth study shows US Southwest irrigation system facing decline after 4 centuries - 12/02/2014 / Leido 0 veces/ Comentarios 0

Communal irrigation systems known as acequias that have sustained farming villages in the arid southwestern United States for centuries are struggling because of dwindling snowmelt runoff and social and economic factors that favor modernism over tradition, a Dartmouth College study finds. Fuente :...

Prenatal vitamin A deficiency tied to postnatal asthma - 12/02/2014 / Leido 1 veces/ Comentarios 0

Researchers have found the first direct evidence of a link between prenatal vitamin A deficiency and postnatal airway hyperresponsiveness, a hallmark of asthma. The study, conducted in mice, shows that short-term deficit of this essential vitamin while the lung is forming can cause profound changes...

Satellite video shows movement of major US winter storm - 12/02/2014 / Leido 0 veces/ Comentarios 0

A new NASA video of NOAA's GOES satellite imagery shows three days of movement of the massive winter storm that stretches from the southern US to the northeast. Fuente :

Vieques pasa de las bombas a las remolachas - 12/02/2014 / Leido 368 veces/ Comentarios 0

Una década después del repliegue de la marina de Estados Unidos, la isla puertorriqueña de Vieques afronta nuevos desafíos, como el renacimiento de su sector agrícola amenazado por un legado de residuos militares tóxicos de inciertas consecuencias. Entre 1999 y 2003, Vieques, con apenas el doble de...

Miami quiere amigarse con La Habana - 11/02/2014 / Leido 301 veces/ Comentarios 0

Si el presidente de Estados Unidos, Barack Obama, quisiera ser más expedito y reanudar las relaciones con Cuba, cuenta con espacio político para hacerlo, según el análisis de un sondeo de opinión publicado en Washington este martes 11. La encuesta, realizada en enero, arroja un apoyo de 56 por...

Scents that are sent: oPhone delivers aromas - 11/02/2014 / Leido 280 veces/ Comentarios 0

A technological breakthrough is on the horizon: a new kind of smart phone that sends scents. Scientists have created the oPhone, which will allow odors -- oNotes -- to be sent, via Bluetooth and smartphone attachments, to oPhones across the state, country or ocean, where the recipient can enjoy...
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