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Rejecting unsuitable suitors is easier said than done - 21/11/2014 / Leido 300 veces/ Comentarios 0

Rejecting unsuitable romantic partners is easy in hypothetical situations, but not so when considering a face-to-face proposition, a new study shows. “When actually faced with a potential date, we don't like to reject a person and make them feel bad, which is not necessarily something that people...

New terahertz device could strengthen security - 21/11/2014 / Leido 300 veces/ Comentarios 0

We are all familiar with the security hassles that accompany air travel. Now a new type of security detection that uses terahertz radiation is looking to prove its promise. Researchers have developed a room temperature, compact, tunable terahertz source that could lead to advances in homeland...

Self-regulation intervention boosts school readiness of at-risk children, study shows - 21/11/2014 / Leido 281 veces/ Comentarios 0

An intervention that uses music and games to help preschoolers learn self-regulation skills is helping prepare at-risk children for kindergarten, a new study shows. Self-regulation skills -- the skills that help children pay attention, follow directions, stay on task and persist through difficulty...

Propuesta de Corte Internacional Anticorrupción cobra bríos - 21/11/2014 / Leido 502 veces/ Comentarios 0

El principal promotor estadounidense de una propuesta para crear un organismo multilateral encargado de investigar denuncias de corrupción política cree que la idea es recibida con interés por la sociedad civil, los políticos e importantes líderes empresariales. Se trata de Mark Lawrence Wolf, un...

Next-door leopards: First GPS-collar study reveals how leopards live with people - 21/11/2014 / Leido 374 veces/ Comentarios 0

In the first-ever GPS-based study of leopards in India, biologists have delved into the secret lives of these big cats, and recorded their strategies to thrive in human-dominated areas. Fuente :

Helping trains take the strain - 21/11/2014 / Leido 298 veces/ Comentarios 0

The introduction of smartcard ticketing for Singapore’s public transport system has enabled researchers to provide valuable predictive data on potential train overloading. This will enable system planners to address critical bottlenecks as the system stretches to accommodate an expanding population. Fuente :...

A green transformation for pharmaceuticals - 21/11/2014 / Leido 287 veces/ Comentarios 0

A more sustainable approach to a bond-forming reaction extensively used in the pharmaceutical and fine chemical industries has now been developed. The team used the solvent-free, catalytic reaction to produce high yields of a wide range of amides, including the antidepressant moclobemide and other drug-like molecules. Fuente :...

Fluorescent nanoprobe could become a universal, noninvasive method to identify and monitor tumors - 21/11/2014 / Leido 296 veces/ Comentarios 0

Researchers have developed a hybrid metal-polymer nanoparticle that lights up in the acidic environment surrounding tumor cells. Nonspecific probes that can identify any kind of tumor are extremely useful for monitoring the location and spread of cancer and the effects of treatment, as well as aiding initial diagnosis. Fuente :...

Retrofitting: all stakeholders involved upfront - 21/11/2014 / Leido 245 veces/ Comentarios 0

Involving all the players in a comprehensive retrofitting project from the start, an approach known as Integrated Project Delivery, could be the key to its success Fuente :

Marker polyps do not cause cancer - 21/11/2014 / Leido 246 veces/ Comentarios 0

Although serrated polyps usually are associated with colorectal cancer, it turns out that such polyps are themselves not dangerous, according to a Norwegian study released this week in BMJ Gut, a journal on gastroenterology & hepatology. Fuente :
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